Monday, September 26, 2016

My Blogging Story

I've been reading my entire life, as long as I remember. My mother used to say that could read my neighbor's first-grade book when I was only three years old. When I was a kid, my mom used to buy me children's books with animals. I read them all by myself, I didn't need any help. I still have Grimm brothers' stories somewhere in my basement. I've been always fascinated by the storytelling and always imagined myself in the story.

As I grew older, my reading habit didn't diminish at all. I believe I was the only kid that had several pages long list of borrowed books from the school library. I wasn't much into sport's activities, my spare time was always spent with a book. It happened sometimes to borrow the same book twice, just because I forgot that I've read it before, or because there was a new edition with a different cover.

Agatha Christie was my favorite, I've read most of her books and seen most of the tv series made after her novels. Along with Poirot, I also loved Sherlock. Same thing about tv series here. Books and tv shows with police procedurals were and still are my number one choice for having a good time.

Then there was a site called It means „I love books“. Everyone could write a review for his/hers favorite book. If the review was well written, it was published. There I wrote my first review. I had several published reviews there. The more important thing is, I met many friends there, people who also loved books, people who are also bloggers now, people that I can always talk about books and everything else.

Then, was created. My very own blog about books. At first, I reviewed the books that I absolutely loved and already had in my home library. Discovering , I discovered paranormal and young adult. A literature genre that can not be found in school libraries, at least not then when I went to school. I loved the magic in the stories, the image of the bad boys and girls and tattoos. Along with the crime genre, I've reviewed a lot of paranormal stuff.

Then, a friend of mine proposed me a partnership in reviewing chick lit books. She just created . And I said; „Why not?“. I love feel good books, happily ever after books, comfort food books. I still read them, now and then. We had a great partnership, reviewed lots of chick lit books and even if we don't blog together anymore, we still drink coffee together sometimes and talk about everything.

My true loves in the world of books were and still are mysteries, crime stories, psychological thrillers, police procedurals. I want to guess who has done it, who is the killer, what are the clues. I love the tension, the unpredictability of the story, the rush of the adrenaline while reading the book. I am a huge fan of Scandinavian crime noir, there are several authors there whose books I absolutely adore. I also love the tv shows and movies that belong to these genres. The Bridge, The Blacklist, Midsomer Murders, you name it. I've also seen most of James Bond movies. As long as it has a dead body and a detective or a spy, I am in it! And love to write about it!

Now, reviews only crimes and thrillers. No more paranormal, no more chick lit. I read those genres now and then, but no more reviewing. Focusing on my favorite genre, I believe it is best for the blog itself and me as a reviewer. I have some plans for the future, and will notify you when those plans come true. I want a little bit of a mystery right now.  

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