Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review and Interview: Blood Money by Doug Richardson

Beemer had a simple plan: steal a truck with frozen blood products, then drive it all over to Long Beach and collect the money for it. But, it doesn’t always turn out like you’ve planned. Stopped by a local police officer, Beemer starts shooting. Teenage music star with her boyfriend is on the wrong place in the wrong time. Three people got killed. 

Lucky Dey works as a police detective in Kern. He receives the worst phone call of his life, finding out that his younger brother got killed. The only clue that he has is a big black refrigerator trailer. He has to find his brother’s murderer.

Lydia Gonzales, also called “ Gonzo” is LAPD detective. She has to babysit Lucky Dey. What she does is joining him in order to catch the bad guy.

Conrad Ellis is a millionaire whose daughter just got famous. He made her a teenage music star. He paid for her album. Pepper Ellis has just became a teenage starlet. And she was killed, together with her boyfriend. And her father wants justice. He wants revenge. And he is willing to pay a lot of money for that.

Four lives, four stories, one chase.