Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg

The old man was checking the house. The lady who owned the house gave him the key. But the moment he went in, he knew that something was wrong. Checking the rooms , he went into the bathroom. A woman was there in the bath tub, veins cut, naked. Blood everywhere. Leaving the house in panic, he met another neighbor, Erica, and took her in the house to show her what he had found. The body was Erica’s childhood best friend Alexandra, the owner of the house. She was lying there in the white bathroom covered with blood, beautiful like an ice princess.

Alexandra had everything. Great marriage, money, job, happiness. Why would she kill herself? Why would she kill herself like that, cutting the veins, when she was afraid of blood? 

Her best friend Erica decides to find out what really happened. The local inspector who works on the case is a friend of her. Long time ago he was in love with her. Can old flames sparkle again?

Review: Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell

It all happened that night in the Swedish village. An old man woke up just to find out that there was something wrong going on in neighbor’s house. An elderly couple was beaten to death and robbed. The husband died, but the woman lived long enough to say only one word to the police. At least one of the killers was foreigner. 

Inspector Kurt Wallander works on the case. He just can’t figure out why would someone robe two old people who practically own nothing. And why killing them? Was there something personal? Someone wasn’t bothering to kill them, but bothered enough to feed their horse.

The inspector’s private life is a mess. His wife left him, his daughter disappears all the time. His father barely speaks to him and becomes more and more senile. Wallander works all the time, barely eats and sleeps, drinks all the time. But one thing is certain. He is going to solve this case.